ActronAir Conditioning

35 Years of Air Conditioning

ActronAir Air Conditioning

ActronAir are Australia’s largest locally owned air conditioning manufacturer, and have been providing heating and cooling solutions to homes and businesses in Perth, WA, and nationwide since 1984.

Actron Air Conditioning

ActronAir offers a wide range of award winning, energy efficient products, including split systems, multi split systems, cassette systems, ducted air conditioning systems and packaged air conditioner systems. As a proudly Australian company, ActronAir are recognised for making world-class air conditioners. Well, it stands to reason. The team at ActronAir experience our harsh Australian conditions first hand, and our climate places demands on air conditioning systems not found in other parts of the world. That’s why ActronAir’s engineers have developed advanced air conditioning systems specifically for the unique Australian climate.

And because ActronAir design and manufacture right here in Australia, you’ll never have to call overseas or wait long for service and support. When you call, you’ll speak to someone who’s responsive and knowledgeable, and based near you. It’s why more than a quarter of a million Aussies take comfort in ActronAir.

Why Ford & Doonan for ActronAir?

Here at Ford & Doonan, we have a long history that demonstrates our commitment to bringing Western Australians the very best in air conditioning solutions and technology, to combat our harsh environs. Because of this we are committed to developing long lasting relationships with the best in the industry, such as ActronAir.

ActronAir’s ducted and split systems are premium, energy efficient products, and because ActronAir know that Ford & Doonan only provide high quality, well designed installations, we have access to the full range of award winning ActronAir air conditioning systems. And because we buy directly from ActronAir, we can provide these air conditioning systems at competitive prices.

Benefits of ActronAir Air Conditioners

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