35 Years of Air Conditioning

Ford & Doonan Bunbury and Busselton support local people!

We are locally owned by two people who have lived in the South West of WA for their whole lives, so we want to ensure our money continues to stay in the South West.

With a directly employed staff of 17, including our own in house service division, Ford and Doonan aim to employ as many people from our local areas as possible. Not only do we try to employ local people, we do our very best to offer training and support to grow our staff.

Currently we employ 4 apprentices, who are learning from great Trades people. With a mix of Service and Installation, we think these apprentices are going to be great. While we hope our staff will stay with us for a very long time, we want them to be the very best they can be, if they ever do decide to leave us one day.

For staff interested, we often support them through other TAFE courses as well, one of our staff in Busselton has just completed a Certificate III in Business.

When things get super busy and our in house staff can’t handle the work, we have a list of Ford and Doonan local accredited contractors for installations. These contractors install to our specific standards, many of which surpass the requirements of even the building code. This ensures every Ford and Doonan installation is at the same, very high standard.

We hope this local aspect of our company, helps to give you confidence that you will not only be looked after as well as possible throughout installation and after sales, but your money will stay in the South West, continuing to improve our community in many ways.

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