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Panasonic have long been established as a leading brand of air conditioner and have been cooling and heating homes in Bunbury and South West for decades. At Ford & Doonan, we are one of the top Panasonic dealers in the state offering a wide range of air conditioning systems, from small Panasonic split system air conditioners to large custom designed ducted air conditioning.

panasonic_400x400Ford & Doonan for Panasonic

Ford & Doonan has a long established relationship with Panasonic. By choosing Ford & Doonan for your Panasonic air conditioning unit, you benefit from this experience and expertise as our staff are able to perfectly match your needs the right Panasonic product.

At Ford & Doonan we don’t just sell air conditioners, we provide tailored solutions. Our trained staff have an in-depth knowledge of the Panasonic product range and, together with some details about your property, we are able to design a solution that not only takes advantage of the best Panasonic products, but also will be professional fitted and installed to save you money over the life of the investment.

Why Panasonic for Air Con?

Panasonic Air Conditioners take advantage of the unique inverter technology, which constantly adjusts compressor speed to provide for optimum performance, whilst minimising power consumption.

Panasonic have also introduced their unique ECO Patrol system. This new technology cleverly senses the level of human activity in any room and automatically adjusts the power and output of the unit accordingly. The result is peerless comfort and convenience, whilst also saving you power and money.

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