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Why now’s the time to upgrade your air conditioner’s zone controller

Remember this summer, it was pretty hot! Did you feel that your air conditioner was only cooling parts of your house and leaving others hot? Make next summer a cooler experience by upgrading your standard controller to the latest touchscreen zone systems.

Before we jump into upgrading your controller, let’s take a look at what actually lets air into different parts of the house. The zone.

What is a zone?

Zones, in the context of air conditioning, are a way directing airflow to particular rooms and parts of your house for a reverse cycle ducted air conditioner. The zone system itself is called a zone barrel, and it installed up in the roof space. It looks like thisThe metal blade in the centre of the zone barrel moves through 90 degrees, to allow airflow, or to close off air flow. When controlled by one of the later model zone controller panels, it is also adjustable via increments, from 0% (fully closed) to 100% (fully open). This allows you to precisely control the amount of air flow to each room. By controlling the air flow, you control the room’s temperature

Why should I upgrade my controller?

In the past zoned air conditioning systems, much like the one below, had two separate controllers. One for the air conditioning system and another for the zoning system.Now, the controllers are combined as one streamlined system and aren’t limited to just controlling your air conditioner. If you’re looking for a way of controlling almost everything in your house, from one central command system, then a new smart home controller is the answer.

One of the most user friendly controllers is the AirTouch 4. This allows for complete climate control of your air conditioner, along with the ability to connect smart lights, garage doors, sprinklers and many other devices. With a full touchscreen and user friendly interface, AirTouch is our recommended choice.Take a look at everything it can do here

How can I upgrade my controller?

Upgrading your controller is simple task and can be carried out by a Ford & Doonan service technician at your next service. The new controller can be installed in the same location as your old controller. This is also a great time to add additional zones to your system, and the most common additions are to a bedroom, study, games room or home theatre.

AirTouch 2 and AirTouch 4 upgrades can be achieved on most recent installations providing all the amazing features and capabilities that the AirTouch system has to offer.

Pricing is dependent on your installation and your systems requirements; each upgrade and system is different, however pricing generally starts at $ 1,500.00.

If you would like a formal quotation or further information on upgrading your controller to the Air Touch 2 or 4 please contact our Service Department on [email protected]. or (08) 9331 8800.

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