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Stay warm
this winter

Reverse Cycle Heating Summary Benefits

  • Cheapest Form of Heating to Run
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Cools your home in summer

  • Safest form of heating for your family
  • Fastest way to heat your home
  • Easy to install

Ford & Doonan Air Conditioning is not just about cooling your home in the summer, our air conditioners are the best and most efficient way to also heat your home in the Perth winter.

No matter what the weather is like outside you’ll be able to enjoy complete climate control thanks to our range of quality ducted reverse cycle air conditioning. Using ducted reverse cycle air conditioning is also the most cost effective way to cool and heat your home.

Keeping warm this winter

A ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system comprises of a central unit which is connected by ductwork to outlets throughout the home or workplace. This unit will be installed in your roof and is powered by a compressor located on your building’s exterior.

Staying warm

Reverse cycle air conditioners take heat from the air outside and use it to warm the air inside. This makes for a far more energy efficient way of heating your home than conventional heaters, as these have to generate the heat themselves.  Our Daikin air conditioning range have an automatic defrost cycle for greater efficiency. Even when the mercury drops as low as minus 10ºC, your Daikin system can still heat your home.

Other benefits

As well as keeping you cosy during the winter months and cool and refreshed in summer, ducted reverse cycle air conditioners purify the air. There are a number of air conditioning systems on the market that have built in air purification filters that trap even the most microscopic airborne particles – for example smoke – whilst others are also able to break down odors and suck up and deactivate bacteria and viruses.

How do I choose the right ducted air conditioner for me?

That’s where Ford & Doonan come in. Our sales staff  and technicians are here to help with 30 years of experience, training and knowledge that will ensure you find the right air conditioning system that suits both your home or workplace.

Want to find out more about heating your home with a ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system from Ford & Doonan? Get in touch with us today and make sure you’re fully prepared for the chilly winter ahead.


Whichever style of reverse cycle air conditioner is best for your home or work place can depend on many variables. However, the highly efficient reverse cycle process will deliver toasty warm air throughout the winter months and the cool, dehumidified air you crave on those summer days and evenings. What appliance can deliver comfort like this? Only a reverse cycle air conditioner from Ford and Doonan.

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