Air Guiders

35 Years of Air Conditioning

Improve your air conditioner’s efficiency and lifetime with our new AIR GUIDERS.

A must-have feature for air conditioning units close to obstructions.

Is your air conditioning outdoor unit close to walls, obstructions or fences? Ford & Doonan’s Air Guiders are an effective solution. The air guiders are designed to direct air up and away from any obstruction at an angle of 45°. This prevents the hot air in summer and cool air in winter being recirculated. For efficient operation and decreased running costs the outdoor unit needs to use clean ambient temperature air.

Furthermore the air guiders will reduce wear and tear on your outdoor unit, extend its service lifetime and improve indoor comfort. The Ford & Doonan Air Guiders are easily retrofitted to most outdoor units.

For further information contact your Ford & Doonan representative today and ask about how Air Guiders can benefit your lifestyle and budget.

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