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Meet AirTouch 3

Meet AirTouch 3. The smartest air control system yet. Control your air conditioning when you are away from home. Set and enjoy your personal temperature from a new smart touch display or your personal device.


AirTouch 3 is a very smart air control system:

  • Add value to your home living and enjoy the latest technology. Remote control from your smart device, or a crystal clear HD touch screen display; driven by state-of-the art climate control sensors to ensure everyone’s comfort.
  • Control 2 seperate AC units* for most major air conditioner brands and up to 16 individual zones.
  • Real-time monitoring of room temperature against your chosen set point.
  • Warranty that gives you Peace of Mind. You need a panel that is reliable and going to last. AirTouch parts and components are manufactored with superior quality, have been put under stringent testing, and adhere to strict Australian regulations.**
  • Easily setup for the season with different timers and different days. AirTouch’s5-11 timer lets you set individual automatic climate control events for weekdays, Saturday and Sunday.
  • Cleverly Connected. Secure WiFi connection to the internet for remote control.
  • Smart self diagnosis and maintenance reminders.
  • Make your home comfortable from anywhere. You can now monitor and control your air conditioning away from home using your smartphone or tablet with the AirTouch App.
  • Clever management of personal comfort. Specify a set point temperature to individual zones, which the system can monitor and smartly adjust airflow as required.


iZone’s new generation climate control system works with all leading brands and offers complete control over your ducted air conditioning system.

Izone’s intuitive touch screen interface is elegant, easy-to-use and exceptionally efficient.


iZone functionality makes life easy for you.

iZone App

The WiFi and 4G enabled iZone App enables you to control your air conditioning system via your smart phone or tablet.

The iZone Worldwide service allows you greater control, giving you 4G access from anywhere, for even more efficiency and savings. Now the whole family can come home to the perfect temperature.


Easy on the eye – and your pocket

iZone offers a choice of elegant control consoles or sensors that you can customise to suit your home’s interior design. Changing the background colours on your controllers is as straightforward as choosing the precise temperature you want.

Home automation integration

iZone uses the latest technology, so you can integrate your air conditioning with other home automation systems, to make it even easier to control the temperature of every room in your home.

iSense room temperature control for optimal efficiency

This clever zone controller detects if a room is unoccupied. iSense will then automatically adjust the room temperature or switch off the air conditioning to that room. iSense significantly improves energy efficiency and reduces the running cost of ducted air conditioning system’s in homes and offices, directing the airflow only to the rooms you are using.

Set and forget

Create up to 9 ‘favourite’ zone scenarios to suit your lifestyle, then schedule these ‘favourites’ to match everyday living. But for a quick set and forget ‘system off’ timer, just press the four-setting sleep timer button and iZone takes care of the rest.

AirTouch 2

You do not need a system controller and a zone controller. The AirTouch 2 does it all in one and has an App so it is accessible wherever you are. Above all its easy to use, with flexible air control to ensure maximum control and comfort.


The AirTouch 2 is an all-in-one system controller:

  • Allows the precise control of how much air is delivered to every zone. AirTouch 2 complete control over the air flow and comfort levels in each room individually. Variable air volume zone control
  • Wi-Fi or web based access to zone and A/C System
  • AirTouch2 App, for complete anytime anywhere control
  • App or android, this is for total control of your home air conditioning unit from wherever you are as long as you have internet access.
  • 5″x2″ LCD touch screen
  • Full air conditioner control for most major brands
  • Replaces the system controller
  • Control up to 16 zones
  • Periodic service reminders.
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