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Whether you are looking for an upgrade, complete new installation, repairs or maintenance it is a comfort to our clients to know Ford & Doonan are WA’s most awarded air conditioning company. Our aim is to always be ahead of the game and our ongoing research and innovate designs are evidence of our forward thinking attitude as a business and commitment to progression.

Our Busselton and Bunbury office staff pride themselves on their outstanding level of customer service. Not only are we consistently friendly and approachable, we are also very well educated in all respect of air conditioning.

Our work and units come with a warranty so if you’re not entirely satisfied with the installation and service provided we will make amends and perform the required changes to ensure optimum performance.

Our prices are competitive and because of this we are frequently the first choice for thousands of South West customers each year. They rely on us for a fast and efficient delivery of air cooling and heating solutions.

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