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Ford & Doonan - The South West’s Premier Air Conditioning Provider

With offices in Bunbury and Busselton, Ford & Doonan are in perfect reach
for all homeowners and businesses in the South West.



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Bunbury and Busselton locally owned franchises provide that all important presence.

Our company was founded in 1985 and has grown rapidly over the years, currently sitting as a clear leader in the provision of air conditioning services in Western Australia. Our services extend down to Augusta and thanks to our highly mobile technicians we will always make the effort to come to you when required. We are a tried and trusted supplier of air conditioning from the design through to the installation, in addition to ongoing maintenance and repairs.

35 Years of Air Conditioning

The Forefront in Air Conditioning Technology

We are a proud air conditioning Perth company who are at the forefront of ducted air conditioning technology. Through recent technological advances, there are now extensive options available for the discerning purchaser to incorporate into your own design.

Accurate Ducted Design Software

Home Automation Hub with Touchscreen and WiFi

Air Flow Control in All Zones

Energy Efficiency for Reduction of Emissions

Other technologies include controlling multiple air conditioners, advanced filtration systems, air guiders, emergency drain alarm systems, and many more to ensure the most optimal air conditioning experience.

We are at the forefront of air conditioning technology, because giving you complete comfort in climate control is our primary goal.

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South West’s Most Awarded Air Conditioning.

Winning the Rising Star Award, Master Builder Association Best Customer Service Award for 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017 and 2016 and coveted HIA customer service award is testament to our ongoing commitment. Whether you are looking for an upgrade, complete new installation, repairs or maintenance it is a comfort to our clients to know Ford & Doonan are WA’s most awarded air conditioning company. Our aim is to always be ahead of the game and our ongoing research and innovate designs are evidence of our forward thinking attitude as a business and commitment to progression.

Award Winning Air Conditioning Perth
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Ford & Doonan South West use only the highest quality brands:

Ford & Doonan – the South West’s leading Air Conditioning provider.

WA’s Most Awarded

We are WA’s most awarded air conditioning company who you can trust to provide the very best in air conditioning solutions for your home or business.
Master Builders Award Winner 2021
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