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How Often Should I Get My Air Conditioner Serviced?

Did you know that air conditioners require regular servicing to perform at their best? If you’re looking to learn about how often you should get your air conditioner serviced, then this is the blog for you!

Here at Ford & Doonan, we highly recommend that you service your air conditioning unit at least once a year. This is our recommendation because it ensures that you have your air-con operating at its highest efficiency, no matter the season. By having your air conditioner serviced annually, you can address any potential issues, keep the system clean, and maintain its overall performance.

While an annual servicing is a general guideline, it’s essential to consider your manufacturer’s recommendations as well. Refer to the air conditioner’s manual or contact our Service Department to determine the specific servicing intervals recommended for your unit. Some manufacturers may have different requirements, and adhering to their guidelines can also be a requirement to maintain your warranty.

The performance of your air conditioning unit is one of the primary reasons why regular servicing is crucial. Think of it like your car, which requires periodic servicing based on time or mileage. Neglecting car maintenance for several years can lead to engine and component damage, impacting its performance negatively. The same principle applies to your air conditioner. Without proper servicing and maintenance, various issues can arise such as clogged filters, tears and rips in the ducting, and potential damage to the outdoor unit. All these problems can lead to reduced performance.

If you’re looking to get the most out of your air conditioner, scheduling regular servicing is a step in the right direction. You can do this online by visiting our booking platform here:

Or by contacting our service department on (08) 9331 8800
Have any questions? Contact us at [email protected]

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